Sound Damping Sheets

  • No Vibration
  • Better Bass 
  • Better Bass 
  • High Durability and Reliability

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Mega Audio is a highly trusted brand that delivers the high quality product to the customers. Mega Audio high quality car damping sheets made of premium grade aluminum which improves the thermal conductivity in the vehicle cabin.


1. BETTER SOUND:- Improves bass response and increases amplifier output, while absorbing annoying squeaks, rattles and vibration, resulting in enhanced sound reproduction.

2. REDUCED VIBRATION:- Reduces engine noise and vibration caused by noisy and vehicle wear and tear overtime.

3. EXCELLENT INSULATION:- Premium grade aluminum improves thermal conductivity in the vehicle's cabin by changing the temperature transfer coefficients of the vehicle's factory internal panels.

4. INCREASED STRENGTH:- Improves the vehicles's audio acoustic characteristics which includes improved frequency response and better bass reproduction.

5. IMPROVED SAFETY:- Decreases driver fatigue by cancelling out road noises.